Anna Shursen PhD is the director of a private psychotherapy practice where she provides counseling for adults and adolescents. 
Anna has established a sex offender treatment program for adults and juvenile offenders on probation and parole. She conducts psychosexual evaluations, ABEL (AASI-3) and DIANA Assessments. She offers expert witness testimony for attorneys, as well as a number of state and county agencies. Anna is also a De-registration Specialist who conducts evaluations for those offenders who qualify to seek de-registration.   
Also available:

Sex offender de-registration evaluations: Texas Administrative Code §810.301, Subchapter L. Early Termination of Certain Persons’ Obligation to Register explains the process in which individuals convicted of certain sexual offenses, may petition the court to terminate their responsibility to register as a sex offender. Detailed information can be found on the website for the Council on Sex Offender Treatment. Dr. Shursen is one of 16 certified individuals in the state of Texas qualified to complete de-registration evaluations. Dr. Shursen looks forward to discussing your client’s needs and walking you both through this process.
Individual therapy: Therapy tailored for a client that is administered one-on-one—therapist and client.   
Couples/family therapy: Both approaches involve discussions and problem-solving sessions facilitated by a therapist—sometimes with the couple, sometimes with the entire family group and sometimes with individuals. Such therapy can help couples and family members improve their understanding of, and the way they respond to, one another.  

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